Decorative Steel Fences

Iron World® is one of the fastest growing manufactures in the decorative steel fencing industry. Known for high quality products and excellent warranty, Iron World® is an excellent choice for your decorative steel fencing needs. Industrial aircraft rivets are used to attach each individual picket to the rail allowing the section to meet your job specifications. These rivets provide the strength of a welded product without the rusting.

Iron World® coats their products using a five stage pre-treatment culminating with coating to seal the surface and provide additional corrosion protection. Fourteen oscillating, automatic spray guns then apply a polyester powder to the G90 galvanized steel to ensure all parts of the products are evenly reached with a 3.0-3.5 mil thickness of coating. Iron World’s 20 year warranty covers cracking, peeling, chipping and rusting on their decorative steel fencing.