Giovanni Spagnolo

Job Foreman
The Fence Experts introduced and welcomed me to the American work system after I moved here from Italy. At The Fence Experts the human interaction is as strong as the work ethic, and I love it! Often the customers appreciate us with nice comments and great smiles. I’m thankful because they make me feel that my work was worth it.
Giovanni brings energy and enthusiasm as an exceptional employee and job foreman. An avid motorcyclist, he appreciates the cultural interests of stories, places, and people. He also loves to celebrate life with a generous plate of gnocchi alla zucca or gnocchi with pumpkin. Fun Fact: One day I found myself in Norway, 1,500 miles from home on a mountain peak. It was just me and the motorcycle. I was strongly serene. I realized it was because I was enjoying the essential. Since then pursuing the essential has changed my life.