Jason Habegger

Sales Associate
I love working for The Fence Experts because it has a young, energetic vibe, and management that focuses on the good of the employees, urging us to develop and pursue dreams. I like being able to represent a company that I believe in, a company that I am proud of, a company that will stand behind what I am selling, and passing this on confidently to our clients.
Offering his expertise in commercial estimates, Jason bids quotes with the best of them. Known for his love of travel, classic literature, and well-prepared culinary delights, his life is best described in his own words: "The best thing in life is my relationship with Christ and the pursuit of finding God in everything from a fine ribeye to a single malt pale ale, to the soul of a young person in a smoky bar in Russia. One of my favorite foods is the all-American perfectly grilled ribeye steak. It must be the highest quality and be grilled over a fire after marinating for 24 hours. I like this because it is the tastiest food I can imagine, and a clean, ethically served grassfed meat prepared in this way makes me feel good about what I am eating. I prefer to spend my free time traveling abroad, exploring new countries, cultures, ethnicities, languages and cuisines while meeting fascinating new people.