Fence Foreman

Michael Austin

Michael brings consistency, diligence, and a jovial personality to his role as Job Foreman. Outside of the fence installation life, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking, archery, and reading. He is also involved in local youth ministry on the side. Fun Fact: I come from a family of 10 kids and am the youngest of 7 boys.

Zachary Martin

With several years as a foreman under his belt, Zach isn't afraid to do anything that's needed to get the job done! Vivacious and focused, he also enjoys the outdoors- hunting and fishing particularly- and motorcycle rides with his wife. Baked mac and cheese and burritos are pretty much his favorite dishes of all time.

Manny Martin

Skillful and dedicated, Manny knows what it takes to do a job well done with quality and efficiency! An avid football follower and Jeep enthusiast, Manny also enjoys making memories with his young family and working on cars.

Kendall Mast

Kendall adds life, hard work, and a great sense of humor no matter which crew he's on. He has an appreciation for music and spending time with friends. While there is so much good food out there, he says, a favorite would be pizza or other Italian entrees. Fun Fact: I am a self-taught barber and do it as a hobby on the side.

Jordan Hollinger

Jordan may be young, but he is quite capable of fencing circles around even the most experienced installer. His hardworking mentality and disciplined work ethic make him a first-rate foreman. An outdoor enthusiast, Jordan enjoys hunting, fishing, raising dogs, chicken barbecue, and spending time with his family.

Jonathan Brown

As a valuable member of the team, Jonathan excels in his position as Job Foreman, particularly in commercial projects. Outside of work, you may find Jonathan traveling, reading books to be more cultured and educated, spending time with friends, building relationships, and riding motorcycle. He also appreciates a hearty bowl of Cowboy Stew. Fun Fact: I have been to India twice.

Abram Martin

Bringing 5+ years of experience as an expert fence installer, Abram is known for completing jobs in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining excellent repertoire as Head Foreman. A man who likes to live life to the fullest, Abram enjoys traveling to other countries, riding motorcycle, and spending time with his wife and son. He discovered a love for Indian food during his travels with his brother to seven different countries at the age of 16.