Jerith Industrial Aluminum Fences

Jerith Industrial Aluminum Fence

Jerith Industrial Aluminum Fence installed by The Fence Experts

Jerith Industrial Aluminum Fence

Built to take on demanding situations and still maintain its elegance, the Industrial Series aluminum fencing is a dominator in heavy duty uses. It is ideal for areas where strength and impressive build are important. The Industrial Series is the preferred fence on many commercial and industrial properties.

  • 1” square pickets
  • 1 5/8” square rails
  • 2 1/2” square posts with 4” square gate posts
  • 4” spacing between pickets
  • Available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ heights

Aluminum Fence Styles

Jerith ornamental aluminum fences are available in the following styles in all four series, giving you the choices you need to make your fence perfect for you property. Choose from the following styles and heights with the available color options of Black, White, Bronze, and Green.
  • Four grades designed to meet your specific needs
  • Five colors to compliment your property
  • Seven heights for your specific application
  • Ten styles to match your taste

Aluminum Fence grades in order of grade and cost:

  • Residential Series - $
  • Residential Wide Series - $$
  • Commercial Series - $$$
  • Industrial Series - $$$$

Ornamental Aluminum Fence Accessories

Sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart or that make it look and feel exactly the way you want it to. With the accessories that we offer on our aluminum fences, you can customize your fence to reflect the style you have and make it more than just a fence, more of an eye catching statement about you and your property. From Ball Caps to Finials, we have a few options that might be what you need to make your new fence really shine. Accessories can be finished in a color to either match or accent your fence.

Ball Caps

Reminiscent of turn of the century estate fences, ball caps add a finishing touch to your fence choice. You can choose to install them as an accent to your gates, your corners and terminal posts, or on the entire fence.

Pyramid Caps

Our Pyramid style flat cap is our most popular cap and is standard on all our fencing. Designed to support any style of fence you choose, this post cap looks good while not standing out.


Bringing the look of a wrought iron fence to your property through elegant design and old world charm, our Finials are sure to enhance your fence and make it the envy of the neighborhood. Choose between the Triad Finial with its medieval shape or the Quad Finial with it’s more traditional shape to get the look you want on your fencing.

Decorative Rings

Adding a custom look while softening the line of your fence, rings can be the perfect compliment to your aluminum fence. Choose this accessory along with Ball Post caps to make your fence look its best.


With their detailed and ornate design, scrolls really bring a new meaning of elegance to your fence. Often finished to accent the fence in color, Scrolls can be used to accent a gate or entrance way, or installed on your entire fence. Choose from the large Scroll which is added to the main part of the section, or from the small Scroll which is installed into the space between the top two rails.