Ornamental Aluminum Fences

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing is artistically crafted to reflect old wrought iron fencing without the cost or maintenance of steel. With the aesthetic appeal of the classic wrought iron and the zero maintenance of aluminum, your landscape is graced with the best of both worlds. Our ornamental aluminum fencing provides a lifetime of maintenance free service while bringing classic charm to your landscape design.

Jerith fencing is made locally here in Philadelphia and has become the largest aluminum fence manufacturer in North America. Jerith has an excellent history of over 50 years in the industry with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your fence lasts a lifetime. Their entire line of fence products are coated with their Fencecoat (TM) environmentally approved powder coating for a super durable finish that is guaranteed for life and twice the thickness of a typical painted finish.

Aluminum Fences
5’ Tall Style #101 3 Rail Aluminum Fence with Ball Post Caps
  • Four grades designed to meet your specific needs
  • Five colors to compliment your property
  • Seven heights for your specific application
  • Ten styles to match your taste

Aluminum Fence grades in order of grade and cost:

  • Residential Series - $
  • Residential Wide Series - $$
  • Commercial Series - $$$
  • Industrial Series - $$$$

Aluminum Fence Installation by The Fence Experts

Are you thinking about a SpecRail Aluminum Fence for your property? Curious about the extent of the project?

Check out this video to see how we do it – and why we are The Fence Experts.