Vinyl Arbors

Extravagant in detail and design, our Vinyl Entrance Arbors introduce your yard and outdoor living areas with class and elegance. Constructed with high quality extruded vinyl and built with attention to detail, the arbors are guaranteed to be a focal point of distinction in your landscape for years to come. We offer several styles to make the arbor a perfect fit for your life style and landscape. Arbors can be added to any fence style with a custom designed gate.
  • Nantucket Arbor
    If you want the arbor to feel more of a part of your fence, this is a good choice.
  • Westchester Arbor
    Rounded top arbor design with decorative trim on top of posts and in the center of the arch make The Westchester Arbor a focal point of timeless style to your property.
  • Fairfield Arbor
    With its close climbing-plant style lattice, The Fairfield Arbor brings a classic design to your yard.