We Sell Fences

The Fence Experts sales staff are some of the best in the business.

They’re not just salesmen who sold insurance before joining us, they’re fence installers. In fact, each one worked as foreman on one of our installation crews.

We believe the best person to help you navigate the world of fencing is someone who has experience installing them. They know what can be done to enhance your property and where the fence line should run. They also know what types of fencing will accent the style of your house and which features will accomodate your needs.

Our salesmen don’t come to your property to sell you what they sold the previous customer. Your needs are different and your property is different—requiring a solution designed just for you.

Furthermore, our sales staff are not pushy, fast talkers. They are helpful, friendly people here to help you you discover exactly what you want to make your property unique and fun—like you! Sometimes you need to see lots of pictures; at other times you need to handle the real thing. That’s why each sales vehicle is stocked with brochures and samples of our fences.